Identity proofing

GO delivers data and document-centric automated identity verification and secure, identity proofing with tamper detection, biometric facial recognition and liveness to verify a genuine customer.

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Know your customer

GO’s multi-layered approach to digital identity data verification and document proofing helps you fast-track customers you know you can trust and continue to trust throughout the lifecycle.

Data identity verification

GO plugs into thousands of trusted government and credit bureau data sets, searching billions of global records for personal data to instantly verify a genuine customer identity.

ID document proofing

Our patented technology extracts biometric data from identity documents, running forensic tamper-proof tests in the world’s largest document proofing lab, covering over 200 countries.

Biometric authentication

GO determines the genuine presence of the person presenting ID to your business with biometric face recognition and liveness checks as part of a seamless customer journey.

Identity eDNA

eDNA is a unique identity intelligence technology that builds a secure identity graph, from anonymized data accurately analyzing and recognizing identity fraud patterns and rejecting suspicious identities.

Go to market with confidence

GO is the no-code customer onboarding solution that does it all. GO to market with confidence, knowing your customer and growing your business at speed.

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Customer journeys that are simple to create and easy to complete

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Global, ready-to-go-to-market customer onboarding in minutes

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Optimized onboarding experience and risk-based approach

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Secure journeys that minimize risk and fast track trusted customers