GO Analytics monitors journey times, drop-off rates and screen performance helping you to optimise customer onboarding, achieve higher onboarding rates and grow revenue.

GO select your customer journey

GO brand and localize your customer experienc

GO embed your journey into your website

GO live, onboarding customers with confidence

Optimize onboarding experience

Your customer journey should be easy to complete as well as simple to create. With GO Analytics you can track your end-to-end user experience to ensure friction-free onboarding.

User experience

Monitor flow, handoff, journey times, load speeds, and drop-off rates at each step in your onboarding journey for insights into potential customer experience pain points.

Geo analytics

Going to market around the world? GO Analytics shows you how your onboarding experience is performing globally, for each language and location you are targeting.


GO Analytics gives you data on user device and operating systems on desktop, tablet or mobile, as well as browser information and screen resolution for platform optimization.


How many customers are being accepted, rejected or sent for manual review? Application data in GO Analytics helps you to safely balance risk and customer conversion.

Go to market with confidence

GO is the no-code customer onboarding solution that does it all. GO to market with confidence, knowing your customer and growing your business at speed.

GO simpler

Customer journeys that are simple to create and easy to complete

GO faster

Global, ready-to-go-to-market customer onboarding in minutes

GO smarter

Optimized onboarding experience and risk-based approach

GO safer

Secure journeys that minimize risk and fast track trusted customers