GBG Affordability Solution

Protect players from gambling beyond their means and enhance your commitment to responsible gambling.

  • Best in class

    Get the most complete view of affordability with individual affordability indicators, geo-affordability & income verification

  • Minimal friction

    Minimise friction for players with affordability checks that run in the background in real-time

  • One-stop shop

    GBG Affordability Solution works alongside our age verification & AML solutions with one API & one audit trail

Geo-affordability indicators

Assess a player’s risk of gambling beyond their means based on postcode-level data, such as their area’s average property values and typical negative financial indicators.

Individual affordability indicators

Get a red, amber, green affordability status for individual players based on their financial turnover data.

Income verification

Prevent at-risk players from gambling by quickly confirming their declared income is accurate – without the actual numbers being exposed.

Risk-based approach

Use any of our three affordability checks separately or layer them according to your organisation’s risk-based approach.

GBG’s Geo-Affordability data offers a unique picture of UK demography, which will allow us to make instant, accurate assessments that tailor our products to ensure that customers’ activity is affordable as well as fun.

Know your player

Without affordability screening, all you really know about a player is their name, age and address. With our Affordability Solution, you can know much more.

A single solution

GBG Affordability Solution works hand in hand with our age verification and AML solutions to help you meet your Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations, all via a single API and with a single, robust audit trail.

Being able to verify more than a third of our players' incomes without asking them to send documents is a huge timesaver for us and a better experience for them.

Instant insight

Existing GBG ID3global customers can begin understanding player affordability instantly, at any stage of your player journey. Getting started is as simple as augmenting your current checks with our three new affordability checks.

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