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Average cart abandonment rate across all industries

$18 billion

sales revenue ecommerce brands lose each year because of cart abandonment


of shoppers will abandon their cart if they need to re-enter shipping information

We understand the issues you face

Incorrect data

Whether it's intentional or accidental, people make mistakes. Typos, misspellings and false information gathered at the point of registration can cause a whole host of problems later down the line. You need to know what information is valid, and what isn't.

Cart abandonment

If you're finding it hard to take customers all the way through your online journey - you're doing it wrong. Why are you seeing cart abandonment? Is your website asking for too much information?

Missed deliveries

Delivering to the wrong address is costly, time-consuming and potentially damaging to your brand. If you've received incorrect address information at registration, you won't know until you come to deliver...but then it's too late.

Don't be one of the 94% of businesses who say address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty.

The cost of data accuracy


per record when verifying data accuracy at the point of entry


per record to correct or clean up data in batch form


per record if you don't do anything – including the costs associated with low customer retention and inefficiencies

Make the right decision.

A seamless onboarding process is important for your organization to be successful. We would all like 100% of our customers to complete registration. International address validation can help you achieve this.

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Validate addresses at point of data capture
Reduce drop offs and cart abandonment
Deliver orders first time, every time
Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

What is address validation?

Improve your online customer experience with address validation software. Make your online journey quicker and easier. Onboard customers more efficiently and validate addresses at the point of data capture. Get more customers to complete the registration process and boost your conversions.

International address validation gives you the confidence that you've got the correct address, right across the world. You'll know exactly where your goods are being delivered, so you can deliver orders first time, every time. Reduce your costs associated with delivery errors and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Address validation also helps you communicate more effectively with your customer base. Send the right correspondence to the right address. Maintain customer relationships.

Integrate address validation software into your CRM or ERP systems, or into your customer database and reduce the time taken to onboard customers. Reduce queue time at your tills and service desks and eliminate typos and human errors. Reduce the need for data cleansing at a later date.

What can address validation do?

Simple set up

Start validating addresses within seconds.

Real-time address validation

Return a full and valid international address from a postal code or partial address, or using organization’s name if you’re looking for a business address. Abbreviations, incomplete addresses and misspellings can also be identified.

Smart sorting

Nearest locations show in results first, as soon as you start typing an address.

Geocoding ability

Enhance addresses with additional information including geocodes.

Cleanse your existing data

With batch processing available, you can maintain the accuracy of your customer profiles by correcting misspelt address elements and adding missing address information. Process more than 7 million records per hour!

Compatible across devices

Our international address validation solutions are compatible on smartphone, mobile, tablet, and EPoS kiosks. Choose the installation that best suits your needs, a local installation, a web service (SaaS), or through technology partners. You can even integrate into your call centre software application or electronic form.

Global coverage

We offer online address validation for more than 240 countries and territories across the globe, through a single interface. Our unique partnerships with local data providers enable us to provide extended data files that surpass local postal authority files.

Regular updates

Customise your address validation software to suit you. Always have access to the most recent data with daily, monthly or quarterly updates available.

Why you should use address validation

Boost conversions

Make a good first impression. Ensure your onboarding process is quick and simple using address validation, meaning your customers only have to enter their details once. Reduce cart abandonment and drop offs.

Reduce your costs

Getting the right address means your couriers can deliver first time, every time. Reduce queues at tills and save time by reducing keystrokes required to register a customer.

Build your reputation

We all want happy customers. Address validation helps you avoid returned mail, reduce customer complaints and maintain your brand reputation. Build and nurture long-lasting customer relationships.

Improve your customer communication

International address validation enables you to communicate to the right customer, at the right address, all over the world.

GBG products to help with your address validation

Loqate, a GBG solution

Reach every customer, anywhere. Address verification powered by the most accurate global location data. Deliver exceptional experiences to every customer, wherever they are located.

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The benefits for us extend beyond usability for our customers as it is a simple process for us to implement and ensures the accuracy of the address data that we capture.

Virgin Holidays

We have been working with GBG since the launch of Nectar Italia and using Loqate we can be very confident in the quality of our address data.

Nectar Italia

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