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Welcome to GBG, the new home of Transactis

On 1st November 2014, CDMS t/a Transactis was acquired by GBGroup, further enhancing its identity intelligence propositions with a rich data asset, derived from understanding the shopping habits of over 40m UK citizens. Together we offer client organisations the ability to support genuine customers with enhanced levels of service. On 1st April 2015 all Transactis business and assets were transferred to parent company GB Group plc.

We put relevant data at the heart of your decision-making and provide the capability to identify, understand, maintain and grow the relationships you have with the customers who drive your organisation's performance.

Our expertise lies in our ability to draw the multiple sources of data together to create an actionable picture of every individual your organisation deals with. As new channels, touchpoints and behaviours emerge your view of individual behaviour and your ability to make profitable decisions can be compromised.

We provide data management, customer insight and anti-fraud services to some of the most successful organisations in the UK, helping them to:

• Identify new customers
• Verify that they are doing business with the right person
• Understand current and future value and risk
• Track, measure and act upon changes in behaviour to increase sales or reduce risk
• Maintain long-term, valuable customer relationships


Business Services

Whether it's delivering increased value from your marketing budget or reducing your organisation's exposure to inefficient processes or fraudulent transactions, we work with you to build your understanding of how the individuals you interact with behave.

• Providing the optimal sources of data to help you find, keep and understand your customers - Consumer Data
• Helping you to store and manage your customer data - Database Management
• Providing an understanding of the impact of customer behaviour on your organisation and devising strategies to harness it for greater value - Insight Services
• Delivering the technology and expertise to put those customer strategies into action - Campaign Management
• Identifying fraudulent behaviour and putting measures in place that can prevent future instances that don't create a negative experience for genuine customers - Fraud Services

Who We Work With

Underpinning our services, our products enable our clients to make better, faster and more informed decisions that generate greater efficiencies, profit and an enhanced experience for their customers.

• Betfair
• Nationwide
• HM Revenenue & Customrs
• Department for Work and Pensions
• Swinton


Our advanced data matching software that rapidly and flexibly combines data from multiple sources into one integrated view.  This drives targeted marketing and  more efficient fraud solutions.nto

A unique data source - built from pooled transactional data from over 200 leading home-shopping and eCommerce brands.  The data provides a valuable source of additional insight for identifying responsive prospects and creating profitable customer management strategies.

The TRADE Scheme
A fraud and loss prevention coalition – forging a powerful new weapon in the battle against both professional and opportunistic fraudsters, while strengthening processes that ensure genuine customers receive better service.

A complete solution enabling retailers to reduce the cost of handling Goods Lost in Transit claims.  ClaimsID combines comprehensive claims management functionality with reporting and syndicated data on orders, claims and deliveries across multiple retailers to enable rapid identification of genuine and fraudulent claims.

Sphere is a unique technology platform that enables an organisation to integrate multiple data sources online for real-time customer management.   Via a single call multiple sources of data, scorecards and external services can be integrated, changed, added or removed without the need to get caught up in lengthy investment cases to justify internal IT resource.


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